The agricultural and food market is subject to exceptionally strict regulations. This activity is closely monitored by the State. Top companies are supervised by the Competition and Consumers Protection Office for competitive advantage. There is also a high risk related to unpredicted situations impacting crops and animal breeding (eg. natural disasters, plagues). Given the above, business interests of companies need relevant legal protection.

To successfully operate in this industry entities need well negotiated and prepared contracts. Products such as leasing, bank loans and insurance are also essential.

Companies operating in this sector employ many people and we support them in labor law-related matters. Our team specializes in  providing services to producers of supplements and foodstuffs intended for nutritional uses, food for kids and the so-called novel food. We also support importers of food from the EU and other countries as well as manufacturers of food contact materials.

We render a full range of legal services for entities from the agricultural-food sector adjusted to the market.

We offer the following types of services:

  • Supporting in administrative and court-administrative proceedings;
  • Supporting in proceedings before the food market supervisors such as State Sanitary Inspection, General Veterinary Inspectorate, Trade Inspection, Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection, State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service;
  • Negotiating and developing agreements and auditing agreements in place;
  • Rendering ongoing legal services and notifying of legal changes impacting business activity;
  • Assisting in implementing internal procedures, including quality certification (e.g.  DPP, ISO, HACCP) and ecological certificates;
  • Rendering legal assistance at the stage of product marketing and verification of safety of food and food contact materials;
  • Advising on product classification and nutrition and health claims;
  • Rendering legal services for companies engaged in ecological agriculture;
  • Rendering legal services for companies manufacturing genetically modified food;
  • Supporting in advertising, intellectual property and trademarks protection;
  • Rendering legal services related to collective and individual labor regulations;
  • Assisting in counteracting unfair competition;
  • Representing clients in court disputes;
  • Supporting in obtaining relevant permissions, also related to properties;
  • Assisting on obtaining licenses for trade in tobacco products and alcohol;
  • Rendering services to companies involved in production, distribution and sale of tobacco products and alcohol.


We support companies from the agricultural-food sector from all over Poland. We provide ongoing legal services and identify regulations impacting the activity a given company

We represent our clients in administrative proceedings and when seeking relevant permits and licenses. We also support companies in products marketing and controls. We negotiate and prepare contracts to secure the interest of our clients.

We render ongoing legal services to the following clients:

  • One of the biggest companies from the meat sector in Poland – ongoing legal services;
  • One of domestic leaders in supplies to agricultural sector.

Selected projects

  • Leading Polish company dealing with purchase, sale and transportation of livestock – ongoing comprehensive legal assistance in all aspects of legal activity.

  • Leading supplier on the Polish agricultural market – comprehensive legal assistance in all aspects of business activity

  • International leader in the production and sale of livestock identification systems -  comprehensive legal assistance in all aspects of business activity.