Our law firm operates as part of FSG Group offering modern business approach and bespoke solutions to our clients. We cooperate with specialists from other fields to render comprehensive services in the areas of economy, management, finance, law, taxes and insurance. Over 80 experts work every day on sustainable and secure growth of the firm.

We benefit from the economies of scale and deliver effective development strategies to our clients. We design, implement and monitor changes to optimize business activity in current and future markets. We also represent our clients in cases before courts and offices, during negotiations and out-of-court proceedings.

Within FSG Group we deliver comprehensive services in the following areas:

FSG - Biznes

Experience in management

FSG - Broker

Optimum insurance cover

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Financial audits

FSG - Finanse

Comprehensive accounting solutions

FSG - Prawo

Corporate governance

FSG - Podatki

Safe tax solutions

FSG - Fuzje

Professional transactional processes