It takes weeks, sometimes even months, to run a tender, select the winning bidder and sign agreement. Extensive knowledge in technical, subject matter and legal aspects is crucial to comply with various regulations in this area of activity.

We offer far-reaching support for all participants of the public procurement process. We advise clients at each stage of proceedings covered by the Public Procurement Act and in non-public tenders.

We assist ordering parties in designing the most optimum ordering process and render support in developing tender documentation, regulations, instructions and other internal acts governing the process. We analyze tender applications and bids for their compliance with law.

We offer contractors assistance in the analysis of tender documentation, requests for clarifying provisions in the terms of reference, preparing bids, clarification of price levels and at the stage of seeking legal remedies.

We offer the following range of services in public procurement:

  • Assistance at each stage of planning, preparing and conducting tenders;
  • Assistance in developing agreements, including agreements on cooperation between parties under syndicate;
  • Audit of agreements signed as part of public-private partnership;
  • Support for businesses participating in tenders: assessment of risks and opportunities and compliance with tender requirements;
  • Analysis of risks related to a given agreement;
  • Review of legal regulations to be applicable during tender;
  • Interpretation of Public Procurement Act;
  • Assistance for businesses willing to fulfill requirements of a given tender;
  • Advisory in negotiations between the ordering party and contractors;
  • Review of potential infringement of regulations underlying public-private partnership and rationale for the in-house execution of a given agreement;
  • Ongoing legal services throughout the lifetime of the signed agreement;
  • Representation of contractors and ordering parties in appeals before the National Appeals Chamber and appeals against decisions issued by the Chamber.


Our law firm provides advice on Public-Private Partnership to entities from the public sector and to private entities. We have assisted in arranging public tenders by interpreting the requirements of the Public Procurement Act with respect to a given tender. We have identified risks and solutions to secure the interests of the ordering party and participated in developing agreements between the ordering party and contractors. We have also represented clients in court disputes arising in relation to signed agreements.

We have supported businesses participating in tenders and pointed out to the modifications essential to  comply with relevant requirements. We have assisted in drafting bids and verified risks related to contractual provisions. We have also successfully represented businesses in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber and have reviewed the correctness of the contractor selection process.