Advising individual clients, particularly with respect to issues not related directly to business activity is the core part of our legal practice. Cooperation with non-corporate clients requires from us both professionalism and interpersonal skills. Private clients expect care and attention especially in view of the increasingly complex legal system and inconsistent practice of courts and administrative authorities.

We advise private clients in cases relevant to each of us – family, inheritance or custody proceedings. We frequently advise on consumer law that has been rapidly developing in recent years. We provide legal assistance in everyday problems – preparing agreements, interpreting legal regulations, filing applications to public administration authorities, seeking compensation in courts or out-of-court. When legal assistance is provided in advance it is possible to avoid lengthy and expensive court or administrative proceedings.

In particular, we offer the following services to private clients:

  • Assistance in preparing and interpreting civil-law agreements;
  • Interpretation of legal regulations, in particular with respect to consumer protection rights;
  • Preparing legal opinions;
  • Representation before courts, including civil, family and criminal courts,
  • Representation before administrative authorities;
  • Carrying out proceedings concerning distribution of marital property, dissolution of co-ownership, distribution of inheritance estate;
  • Support in pre-court negotiations in civil-legal disputes.


We have broad experience in family and custody cases. We have represented clients in divorce proceedings and distribution of marital property and cases related to distribution of inheritance estate and dissolution of co-ownership. We prepare standard and non-standard civil-law agreements (sales agreements, donation agreements, lease agreements). We assist clients in pursuing their rights. We have advised many clients in criminal or minor offense proceedings both from the perspective of the defendant and the injured party. We represent clients in administrative cases related to construction law, zoning and environment protection. We have also participated in many compensation proceedings.