Education system, including third level educational institutions, is governed by individual and specialist legal regulations. Educational institutions, as part of their activity, must comply with many strict regulations, ensure relevant level of education, data security, necessary documentation or training sessions. Any misconduct in this respect may result in severe penalties that may be avoided by following adequate procedures and ensuring ongoing legal monitoring of conducted activity.

We help our clients from the education sector to meet the said challenges. Thus, they are certain that their activity is compliant with the law. We also assist in obtaining and settling received funds necessary to deliver educational services on a high level.

We render the following services to educational institutions, including those from the third level education sector:

  • Handling administrative proceedings conducted by third level educational institutions, including recruitment and scholarship proceedings or removal of students from the register;
  • Drafting in-house regulations and laws for educational institutions, including third level education;
  • Preparing and issuing opinions on documentation prepared by educational institutions: decisions, resolutions, ordinances and statutes underlying the functioning of institutions and staff relations;
  • Conducting disciplinary proceedings;
  • Receiving and settling subsidies by public educational institutions;
  • Representing educational institutions in disputes with LAUs over the payment or return of subsidies;
  • Handling debt recovery proceedings.


We have extensive experience in advising educational institutions, including universities. We have worked for the first private university in Poland and the biggest private school in Poznań. We also render ongoing services for authorities running over 20 schools and educational institutions across Poland.

Selected projects

  • Developing statutes and organizational documentation for the first private university in Poland.

  • Comprehensive, ongoing legal assistance in all aspects of activity of non-public  third-level educational institutions.

  • Representing public and private schools during controls and administrative proceedings before local authorities and administrative courts in cases related to educational subsidies.


Law firm’s success before the Supreme Administrative Court - the method of computing the prescriptive period for the repayment of an educational grant

27 April 2020

In our Client’s four cases, in its rulings of December 5, 2019 (case ref. no. - I GSK 199/18, I GSK 194/18, I GSK 398/18 and I GSK 449/18), the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) recognized the charges raised …