Business succession is a long-term process requiring in-depth planning and well-designed solutions to facilitate smooth and secure transition of management and ownership. Successful succession ensures protection of the owner’s assets and business continuity. Succession is particularly important for family businesses.

Succession is basically about planning. Relevant actions must be taken in advance. Solutions in place and potential risks are identified before adopting certain strategies. Our law firm assists in securing the succession process in formal terms paying attention to each detail. We advise corporations and sole traders.

Our law firm renders the following types of services:

  • Legal audit of the enterprise and recommendations taking into account the client’s expectations about the succession;
  • Analysis of risks related to succession and development of succession security plan;
  • Succession planning;
  • Legal security to cover the entrepreneur’s assets in case of his death;
  • Assistance in business restructuring;
  • Assistance in establishing family foundations;
  • Assistance in developing and implementing family governance and family constitutions;
  • Advisory in planned investments;
  • Drawing up wills and documentation required to pass the rights and duties onto the successors.


We have extensive experience with family succession. We have advised companies from construction, manufacturing, agricultural-food and service sectors. We have prepared legal analyses on the succession process and its implications for companies and rendered a comprehensive range of advisory services re. personal assets of our clients. We have implemented a series of succession procedures, including strategies based on holding structures, mergers and divisions depending on clients’ needs.

Selected projects

  • Comprehensive advisory services  for KULCZYK FOUNDATION operating in Poland and worldwide, which together with local partners educates, supports and assists in solving problems of the weakest social groups, i.e. kids and women suffering from poverty and violence. Kulczyk Foundation is a family foundation established in 2013 by  Grażyna Kulczyk, Jan Kulczyk and Dominika Kulczyk. Its primary objective is to fight against discrimination and inequality experienced by women all over the world to create barrier-free world. The foundation, in cooperation with partners, enhances social changes using  sustainable solutions through the project “Domino effect”.

  • Comprehensive services in all areas of activity for a family foundation (aid organization) operating in Poland and worldwide which educates and helps people by acting together with local partners.

  • Comprehensive development and implementation of legal strategies for leading entities operating in agricultural-food and furniture sectors.

  • Comprehensive development of succession rules to ensure business continuity and security for companies from marketing, furniture and jewelry industries.