Environment protection is an extremely complex issue subject to extensive legal regulations. In many areas of business activity, it is necessary to follow complicated procedures assessing the environment impact. Also, in the course of business operation, most entrepreneurs are subject to the norms of the widely defined environment protection law. Frequently companies need to fulfill detailed obligations related to waste disposal.

Our law firm renders services related to environment protection: investment process,  renewable energy sources, waste disposal, geological works or greenhouse gas emission allowance. We identify limitations related to zoning decisions in place and protected areas (e.g. special protection areas Nature 2000) to take advantage of all the possibilities and act according to the law. We also assist in obtaining environmental integrated and sectoral permits, including emission permits. We represent our clients in proceedings to assess the environmental impact of an undertaking and in obtaining permits for the use of water.

Our lawyers render the following types of legal assistance:

  • Arranging waste disposal process, including waste records and reporting in BDO system (waste data base)
  • Analyzing investments in terms of environmental issues;
  • Carrying out proceedings to obtain environmental permits and permits for the use of water;
  • Handling waste disposal, including disposal of mining waste;
  • Obtaining permits for waste collection or processing;
  • Managing landfills and arranging  landfill reclamation;
  • Carrying out complex administrative proceedings related to environment protection and waste disposal;
  • Solving environment-related problems identified during controls carried out by relevant public administrative authorities, including controls of Inspection of Environmental Protection;
  • Defending clients in criminal cases, petty offenses, cases triggering administrative penalties – related to environment protection law, including waste disposal.


Our law firm has broad experience in providing services to entities operating in sectors related to environment protection, especially waste disposal. Such activity is subject to strict regulations and we provide a comprehensive range of services at each stage of seeking relevant permits.

We support companies involved in the management of closed landfill sites and land reclamation.

We render ongoing services and training sessions to businesses on waste management process compliant with current legal regulations, including waste registers and reporting in BDO system.

Selected projects

  • Rendering ongoing services for companies engaged in waste disposal with respect to property transactions and obtaining administrative permits and representing clients during controls and administrative proceedings.

  • Rendering ongoing services related to environment protection, including  waste data base (BDO) for manufacturers.

  • Companies operating in the electronic recycling: ongoing advisory on business activity.