Our law firm protects clients’ interests in administrative, court and court-administrative proceedings.

We represent clients in common and arbitrary courts, conduct negotiations and offer conciliation services. The priority of our team is to resolve disputes outside the courtroom (ADR) as it’s usually most beneficial for the client. However, should litigation be required, our clients are represented by experienced lawyers and legal advisors. When designing strategies we always select most adequate tools bearing in mind business objectives of our clients. Skillful handling of negotiations and court cases results in an effective resolution of disputes securing client’s interest.

We also render services in criminal cases, including criminal business and fiscal cases. The criminal law is becoming more and more complex which means that professional assistance is required to adequately protect the interests of the parties to criminal proceedings. Our team prepares criminal-legal analyses, represents individual and corporate clients in pre-trial proceedings and  proceedings in courts of all instances.

We also advise in and conduct administrative proceedings. Given the complex nature of administrative law, extensive legal knowledge and familiarity with the functioning of administration system, in particular on the local level, are required. Based on our long-term experience we are able to face those challenges.

Our law firm supports clients at all stages of administrative, court or court-administrative proceedings, especially in:

  • Seeking contractual compensation (performance of agreements, damages);
  • Seeking compensation under Swiss franc mortgage loan agreements;
  • Disputes related to construction law, settlements of construction and infrastructural investments;
  • Court proceedings related to intellectual property;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Representing clients in family, custody, inheritance and divorce proceedings;
  • Representing clients in non-litigation proceedings on property law (usucaption, transmission easement);
  • Corporate disputes;
  • Seeking motor vehicle compensation and representing clients in cases for understated amount of due compensation;
  • Criminal proceedings (cases against members of management boards of capital companies for acting to the detriment of a company, mismanagement, unfavorable disposal of assets, etc.);
  • Criminal-fiscal proceedings;
  • Rendering support to suspects, accused and injured parties at each stage of criminal proceedings  and in petty offenses;
  • Representing developers and other entities from the construction sector in talks with administrative authorities (planning permissions, zoning decisions, building permits);
  • Proceedings before administrative authorities, regional administrative courts and Supreme Administrative Court, in particular in cases related to construction law, zoning and environment protection;
  • Representing clients before state administrative authorities (Office of Electronic Communications, Energy Regulatory Office, Personal Data Protection Office).


Our team has extensive experience in complex court proceedings concerning construction law (settlement of multi-million construction contracts) and corporate disputes. We know how the justice system works. In administrative cases we focus on direct contacts with administrative authorities and take advantage of our knowledge of how they operate on the local level. We have gained broad experience while servicing demanding clients from the real estate market.

Selected projects

  • Representing entrepreneurs and natural persons in precedence civil and business law cases  with published and non-published decisions of the Supreme Court and courts of appeal.