The scope of local authorities’ activity is wide and covers various issues. Local units operate in constantly evolving legal regulations and need to comply with tight public finance restrictions. Those entities take numerous decisions for the interest of the public by, among others, signing agreements and arrangements, adopting resolutions and developing regulations.

Our law firm offers comprehensive services addressed to public entities with respect to legislation underpinning the activity of local authorities. We analyze draft acts, resolutions, ordinances and regulations to be applied locally. We issue opinions on agreements and arrangements to examine their compliance with the law and in terms of securing the interest of our clients. We render support in public tenders and offer corporate services to municipality companies. We also handle court proceedings, represent our clients in proceedings and give advice at each stage.

Our law firm supports local authorities in cases requiring specialist legal knowledge. In particular, we render the following types of services:

  • Issuing opinions on draft laws, resolutions adopted by authorities, ordinances, regulations and other internal legal regulations;
  • Providing comprehensive assistance in preparing and reviewing agreements, arrangements or other civil law documentation to duly secure the interests and assets of local authorities;
  • Providing ongoing specialist advisory services in administrative proceedings, including decisions, rulings and other acts of administrative and legal nature;
  • Providing support in public procurement;
  • Issuing analyses and legal opinions;
  • Rendering corporate services to municipality companies;
  • Rendering comprehensive services in civil court proceedings, pre-proceedings, court proceedings, execution proceedings and in cases before administrative courts.


We have considerable experience in rendering legal services related to regulations underlying the functioning of local authorities. Our clients include local authorities (municipalities), budgetary units and municipal commercial companies.

In our practice we have evaluated local legal acts, resolutions and regulations of local authorities and municipal companies. We have supported our clients in arranging tenders and issued legal opinions in the case of doubtful interpretations of the Public Procurement Law, reviewed agreements and civil-law documents drafted by municipal entities and represented clients in civil and administrative courts.

Selected projects

  • Ongoing and comprehensive services for local authorities and municipal companies.