We offer a wide range of services with respect to real estate law. Such advice is particularly import for the participants of the investment-construction processes. We monitor changes in legal environment, including administrative law. We support business clients in obtaining occupancy permits.

We also assist in sales transactions, lease and property rental transactions and in obtaining funds for those transactions. We represent our clients in court disputes related to real estates. We also remember about individual clients – we advise in drafting property sale agreements, establishing property rights (e.g. servitude) or in property marketing.

We conduct comprehensive due diligence of a given property aimed at examining its legal status and potential risks related to a given transaction. We advise companies taking part in public tenders announced by state and local authorities. We also support entities involved in property management.

We render services also for housing cooperatives by solving legal issues, for example related to the costs of property management, passing resolutions, negotiating and signing agreements with renovation companies.

Our law firm renders the following types of property-related legal services:

  • Conducting a thorough property due diligence for individual clients and businesses;
  • Preparing property sale and pre-sale agreements;
  • Assisting in property sale transactions, creating land easement, utility easement, establishing mortgages and other types of security over property;
  • Providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs engaged in construction works and infrastructure-related activities in terms of challenges related to properties;
  • Representing clients in court disputes and arbitrary proceedings related to construction works, properties, including creating land and utility easement, lease, rentals or neighbor disputes;
  • Representing clients before relevant authorities in the process of designing local zoning plans and assistance in questioning local zoning plans in court-administrative proceedings;
  • Offering legal assistance to construction companies and architects participating in public tenders;
  • Handling commercial lease – legal services both for tenants and landlords;
  • Rendering regular legal services for housing communities.


We have conducted numerous due diligence exercises to facilitate property sale transactions for residential, office, industrial or logistic purposes. On many occasions our clients would use the outcome of the due diligence to negotiate the price of property. We have assisted at various stages of construction investments: legal analysis of plots of land, land purchase and completion of investment, sale of investment and handling potential further settlements.

We have advised our clients in property marketing process. We have considerable experience in property administrative proceedings (construction, reconstruction, redevelopment, changes in intended use of property).

We have advised in sale transactions of logistic and office properties.

We have represented entrepreneurs and individual clients in court disputes regarding properties.

We also have invaluable experience in designing local zoning plans. We have successfully represented clients at the stage of challenging local zoning plans in administrative courts.

Selected projects

  • Giving advice and conducting due diligence of properties, advising in property purchase transactions, obtaining administrative permits, legal supervision during investments and sale of units for leading  domestic and local developers.

  • Rendering comprehensive assistance in drafting and negotiating terms and conditions of lease for the operators of office and logistic centers.

  • Representing and advising to the owner of a warehouse-logistic center in central Poland during sale to an investment fund.

  • Advising and representing a company from construction sector during the purchase of an office center in the center of Poznań using leaseback and bank funding.

  • Representing and advising the owner of an office property in the center of Katowice in selling the property to Echo Investment Group.

  • Representing and supporting a company owned by a leading supplier of systems and solutions for heath sector (listed on Stockholm stock exchange) during negotiations on a long-term lease agreement covering office premises in a new office center in Cracow – shared services center.


Kancelaria Sobczyńscy Adwokaci law firm a legal consultant in the delivery of “Fyrtel Wilda” investment in Poznań

20 July 2020

Kancelaria Sobczyńscy Adwokaci law firm has provided  a comprehensive legal service for the residential-commercial investment „Fyrtel Wilda” – a modern townhouse located at ul. Sikorskiego in Poznań. As part of its advisory, the law firm handled the purchase of …

FSG Prawo (Sobczyńscy Adwokaci) advised in the sale of logistic park Logistic City in Piotrków Trybunalski

19 June 2020

FSG Prawo (Sobczyńscy Adwokaci) law firm of Poznań advised a private investor in the sale of logistic park Logistic City near Łódź in Piotrków Trybunalski. The center encompasses warehouse halls of 135 000 sq meters. The center extension investment …