The number of insurers offering motor insurance (compulsory and voluntary products) combined with diversity of coverage and conditions means that the decision to select the right product is difficult. We offer assistance in reviewing insurance offers and draft agreements for the purpose of selecting the best scenario.

If the compensation level is understated or the insurer refuses to pay out due compensation, we offer our clients assistance in seeking compensation from insurance companies.

We offer the following range of services in this area of expertise:

  • Seeking compensation in courts for understating due compensation for vehicles damaged in collisions;
  • Seeking compensation for foods damaged during transportation (freight forwarding and foods damaged in passenger cars);
  • Developing legal opinions and ordering appraisals of incurred loss;
  • Seeking compensation in court for bodily injuries after road collisions;
  • Seeking compensation related to car repairs (insurance referrals) and lease of replacement cars,  towing cars after accidents and leaving them on dedicated parking lots;
  • Protecting against recourse claims of insurers;
  • Negotiating with representatives of insurance companies and seeking out-of-court settlements of disputes.


Our law firm represents authorized car dealers, car repair shops and car rentals. At present, there are ca. 5000 cases pending against insurers, also from abroad. We assist clients in contacts with insurers, collecting evidence and signing out-of-court agreements. In case no amicable agreement is reached we represent clients in courts of all instances.

We cooperate with Poznańskie Biuro Rzeczoznawców Samochodowych (vehicle appraisers: in seeking compensation from insurers.

Selected projects

  • Comprehensive claims adjustment services for a leader on the non-life insurance market in the Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Comprehensive legal advisory services to develop client service legal framework and assistance in claims adjustment process, including representation in seeking compensation from insurers (including among others costs of replacement cars – fixing and lease) for entities from the motor sector and leaders in car paint and body services.