10 July 2024

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At the end of May 2024, Dentity Dental Group expanded with the addition of another entity – DENTIMED BAGIŃSCY sp. z o.o., based in Białystok. Comprehensive legal services for the transaction were provided by the team of Sobczyńscy i Partnerzy | FSG Prawo.

The corporate and transactional law team, consisting of attorney Michał Sobczyński, attorney-at-law Kamil Misiak, attorney-at-law trainee Jakub Krzywoń and attorney-at-law trainee Jakub Marmurowicz, supported the THC Fund at every stage of the transaction.

Our specialists provided comprehensive legal services for the transaction, preceded by due diligence, including preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation, conducting negotiations and participating in the closing of the transaction.

Specialists from the teams also participated in legal due diligence:

The transaction represents the next stage in the development of the Dentity group engaged in consolidation in the dental services market based on the development of regional networks. It was executed between January and May 2024.

This is another transaction in which we advised THC as part of the Dentity Group aimed at consolidating the dental market.

DENTIMED BAGIŃSCY sp. z o.o.  in Białystok, led by Bartosz Bagiński for more than 10 years, offers professional dental care, relying on a qualified team, state-of-the-art equipment, ergonomics and a modern office design.

These are 2 dental centers with a total of 8 well-equipped offices. The facilities are designed to provide the best care in a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere.

THC is an experienced private equity fund that has been steadily developing regional dental networks within the Dentity Group since 2020 by providing professional support in the areas of human resources management, finance, marketing, purchasing and administration