Our merger support includes handling the processes of mergers, acquisitions and corporate consolidations. We offer not only legal advice, but also consistent management of the entire merger process taking into account the strategic objectives of the reorganisation.

We have been supporting various company mergers, both local and international, for more than a dozen years. We analyse, design and implement merger plans that support clients’ business objectives and are always ‘tailor-made’ for the client.

We offer comprehensive support at every stage of the merger process:

Strategy and legal structure: We develop strategic directions and legal and organisational structure for the merger process.

Preparation of documentation: We prepare plans, resolutions, timetables, coordinating activities with the various entities involved in the merger process. We prepare all legal documentation needed for the merger process.

Due diligence: we conduct a comprehensive audit, identifying the benefits, risks and necessary actions in the process of maintaining the integrity of the business.

Support during negotiations: We represent clients during negotiations, both before and during the merger process itself.

Notification and obtaining regulatory approvals: We assist in obtaining the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities and the OCCP (UOKiK).
Representation: we represent companies in proceedings before the registry courts.

Managing the merger process: We oversee the entire merger or acquisition process, ensuring that all required steps are carried out in accordance with the law.

Conducting the management phase of the merger: the preparatory phase related to the company’s management.

Conducting the ownership phase of the merger: the phase related to the participation and adoption of resolutions by the shareholders.

Conducting the registration phase of the merger: the stage before the registration court.

What does this mean in practice?

Customised approach: we carry out an in-depth analysis of the conditions of the merging companies, tailoring our activities to the specifics of their reorganisation objectives.

Strategic consultancy: We help you decide on the optimum merger method by precisely devising a plan of action.

Preparation for merger: We ensure that companies are fully prepared for the merger process, including the necessary notifications and obtaining the necessary approvals.

Legal procedures: Our law firm carries out all the necessary legal activities related to the merger process, including the drafting of the necessary documentation and representation before the registry courts.

Relationship support: We advise on the impact of the merger on relationships with employees, contractors, providing the necessary assistance in the information process.

Securing administrative matters: We provide support in administrative and regulatory matters related to the merger, including the possible acquisition of licences and permits.

If you are considering a merger, acquisition or consolidation of companies, we invite you to use our services. We are ready to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the transaction.


The firm’s experience in the area of mergers is the result of years of work, many successful transactions and a constant striving to provide clients with comprehensive support at the highest level.

The firm advises on:

  • Mergers of limited liability companies;
  • Mergers between limited liability companies and partnerships;
  • Merging by acquisition;
  • Merger by incorporation of a new company;
  • Cross-border merger processes of limited liability companies and limited joint-stock partnerships.


Michał Sobczyński
managing partner, advocate
Orest Ochocki
partner, attorney-at-law
Kamil Misiak
Krzysztof Mydlak
Agnieszka Raczewska
Klaudia Grochowska
Mateusz Karliński
trainee attorney-at-law
Jakub Krzywoń
trainee attorney-at-law
Jakub Marmurowicz
trainee attorney-at-law
Marcin Pilarski
legal consultant