We support our clients in the process of creating companies and capital structures, accompanying them at every stage of this process, which is crucial to the success of the business. Our experience shows us that proper care and foresight when creating the framework of a new company can not only warranty the right conditions for business development but can also avoid many of the problems that arise in the practice of commercial law companies. We know how important it is to properly construct the legal framework of a new company. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that there is no single universal legal structure that will work in every case. Therefore, we offer our clients tailor-made solutions – adapted to their specificities and expectations, but also: to the challenges they will face. Our goal is not only to successfully register a new company: we do our best to ensure that the shape of the company allows our clients to run their business as efficiently and safely as possible.

Which company is best for your business idea? We will be happy to support you in this choice, helping you to adapt the specifics of your planned business to the optimal legal, tax and business framework. In the next step, on the other hand, we will help you realise the vision you have created by accompanying you in the establishment and registration of your company, business and other entities (e.g. foundations, associations, family foundations, holding companies, cooperatives, funds, groups of companies).

We assist at every stage of the company formation process:

  • analysis of the permissible forms of business in terms of their advantages and disadvantages for the proposed business (e.g. partnerships or capital companies);
  • analysis and design of optimal capital structures for the projected business – taking into account business, legal and tax requirements;
  • advice on the method of financing the company, including the method of contributing share capital;
  • advice on how to set up the company (online or by notarial deed/written form);
  • preparation of a draft Articles of Association, including: conducting possible negotiations between Shareholders on its final form;
  • preparation of all documentation necessary to establish and register the company;
  • registering the company, 
  • making all notifications necessary in the process of registering the company (in particular: notification to the Central Register of Beneficiaries (Register of UBO)).

We provide both a comprehensive service (from the Client’s idea of a business up to the registration of the company in a proper legal form), as well as – according to the Client’s wish – we can support them at a specific stage indicated by them.

Our support also includes comprehensive tax consultancy.

We are convinced that involvement in the process of shaping and creating a company is an investment that pays off with peace of mind for Shareholders and business security for the company.


The law firm advises on:

  • creation of business activities;
  • creation of civil partnerships
  • creation of general partnerships
  • creation of partnerships
  • creation of limited partnerships
  • creation of limited joint-stock partnership
  • creation of liability company
  • creation of simple joint-stock company
  • creation of joint stock companies
  • creation of capital structures
  • creation of groups of companies
  • creation of foundations
  • creation of family foundations
  • creation of holding companies
  • creation of associations
  • creation of cooperatives;
  • creation of funds.


Michał Sobczyński
managing partner, advocate
Orest Ochocki
partner, attorney-at-law
Kamil Misiak
Krzysztof Mydlak
Agnieszka Raczewska
Klaudia Grochowska
Mateusz Karliński
trainee attorney-at-law
Jakub Krzywoń
trainee attorney-at-law
Jakub Marmurowicz
trainee attorney-at-law
Marcin Pilarski
legal consultant