We offer comprehensive advice on company transformations, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We help you to carry out the company transformation process effectively and safely.

Our offer includes a wide range of services, from analysis of the legal situation of the company, through preparation of the necessary documents to support in negotiations with business partners. We act with full commitment, taking care to minimise the risks and optimise the benefits of the transformation process.

The firm's offering covers all aspects of the transformation process, including:

Analysis of the legal status of the company being transformed: we conduct a financial, legal and organisational analysis of each company involved in the transformation. This allows us to tailor the strategy to the specifics of the client’s business.

Choosing the optimal target legal form: we consider various scenarios, helping the client to choose the optimal form of conversion.

Tax optimisation: we support clients in identifying optimal tax solutions related to the chosen form of conversion.

Preparation of the transformation plan: we prepare a personalised transformation plan taking into account the client’s business objectives, tax aspects, capital structure and compliance with applicable law.

Support before the auditor: preparation of the request for the auditor to examine the transformation plan, support in contacting the auditor.

Legal advice, drafting of contracts or statutes: we specialise in various forms of conversions, providing comprehensive legal advice. We offer support in interpreting the law, negotiating the terms of the transaction and in developing a transformation strategy that meets the client’s unique needs. We prepare comprehensive documentation, including agreements, statutes, legal and financial analyses, necessary to complete the transformation.

Registration of the company in the relevant registers: we provide a comprehensive service of formalities related to the registration of changes in the National Court Register, including the preparation of the necessary documents, monitoring the progress of the registration process and representing the client before the administrative authorities.

Conducting the management phase of the transformation: the preparatory phase related to the company’s management.

Conducting the ownership phase of the transformation: the phase related to the participation and adoption of resolutions by shareholders.

Conducting the registration phase of the conversion: the stage before the court of registration.

We direct our company transformation services to a wide variety of business entities, including:

  • Capital companies: we offer comprehensive support to companies that are planning restructuring or changes to their capital structure.
  • Partnerships: we provide services for companies wishing to convert to more complex legal structures, such as limited liability companies (Ltd.).
  • Civil partnerships: we provide services for companies wishing to convert to more complex legal structures.
  • Individuals planning to transform their business: we advise individuals who wish to transform their individual business into more complex legal structures.
  • Limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships intending to undertake a cross-border conversion process.
  • Entities operating in different sectors of the economy: our approach takes into account the industry specifics of the client, we tailor the transformation process to the unique requirements of the sector in question.
  • Investors: we provide support to investors planning to restructure and transform their companies in order to optimise their business structure.
  • Family businesses: we offer tailor-made solutions for family businesses, taking into account both legal aspects and family business relationships.

The firm advises on:

  • Conversions of capital companies into partnerships,
  • Conversion of partnerships into capital companies,
  • Conversions of capital companies into other capital companies,
  • Conversions of partnerships into other partnerships,
  • Conversions of sole proprietorships into partnerships or capital companies,
  • Conversion of entrepreneurs into a capital company,
  • Cross-border conversion processes of capital companies and limited joint-stock partnerships.


We have dealt with dozens of transformation processes to date. The projects we have carried out have concerned both smaller entrepreneurs and the largest capital groups in Poland.


Michał Sobczyński
managing partner, advocate
Orest Ochocki
partner, attorney-at-law
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Krzysztof Mydlak
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Klaudia Grochowska
Mateusz Karliński
trainee attorney-at-law
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trainee attorney-at-law
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trainee attorney-at-law
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legal consultant