Establishing and registering medical facilities is a process that requires a precise understanding of the law, experience and knowledge of the industry. We offer comprehensive support at every stage of this process, helping to launch medical activities in accordance with current regulations and standards. We advise on the choice of the appropriate legal form of the business. The key stage is registration of the medical entity in the RPWDL system, managed by the relevant Provincial Offices. Our law firm supports entrepreneurs in the preparation of the necessary legal documentation and the implementation of numerous organizational activities, such as the preparation of contracts for medical staff, obtaining a medical REGON number, and registration in the Waste Data Base (BDO).

We offer consulting and ongoing legal services to doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, assisting in the establishment of hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, medical centers and other entities throughout the country.

We offer support in the following areas in particular:

  • Choice of legal form: We advise on the choice of the appropriate legal form of business, tailored to the specific characteristics and objectives of a particular medical institution.
  • Registration of a treatment entity: We assist in the registration of a therapeutic entity under the Registry of Treatment Providers (RPWDL), including obtaining a certificate of registration.
  • Changes to the register book: We provide support in carrying out any changes to the register book of a medical entity, such as the creation or modification of data of establishments, organizational units or organizational cells of medical establishments.
  • REGON number of a medical unit: We assist in obtaining the REGON number for a medical unit and make modifications to the data in the registry.
  • Appointment of a medical director: We advise on the appointment of the medical director of the facility, in accordance with applicable regulations, taking into account the specifics of the medical entity.
  • Defining the tasks of the medical director: We assist in defining the tasks and responsibilities of others in the role of medical director, ensuring compliance with regulations on service quality and patient safety.
  • Obtaining a P1 account: We provide support in the process of obtaining a P1 account and applying for a certificate, and then help you obtain a certificate.
  • Development of organizational regulations: We assist in the development and implementation of the organizational bylaws of the treatment entity, in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Documentation of patient rights information: We support the development of a document informing patients of their rights, in accordance with current legislation.
  • Authorization to obtain patient health information: We assist in drafting an authorization document for obtaining patient health information and internal instructions for providing this information.
  • Data Protection: We advise on the development and implementation of data protection documentation, including data entrustment agreements, privacy policies and information documents for patients, employees and associates.


The firm has many years of experience in serving entities operating in the medical industries, particularly in the registration and establishment of medical entities, including those with hospital operations.

We also have extensive experience in M&A transactions in the healthcare sector. Thanks to our knowledge and practice in the M&A area, we provide comprehensive assistance in the restructuring and merger processes of healthcare entities.


Łukasz Jankowski
partner, advocate
Marek Orłowski
Anna Wieczorek
Łukasz Bonarski
trainee attorney-at-law
Iga Ciesielska
trainee attorney-at-law