We offer comprehensive services for implementing whistleblower protection procedures, which are key to ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. Our services include, among others, audits of corporate activities and customization of the required procedures to meet the individual needs of the organization. We support both corporate groups, small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs and non-profit organizations, as well as public companies.

We advise on all aspects of whistleblower protection, including in particular:

  • Needs and risk analysis – We begin with a detailed analysis of the organization’s needs and identification of potential areas of risk. We assess the current state of whistleblower protection in the company and prepare an action plan that meets both national and international requirements.
  • Development of internal procedure and documentation – We create personalized procedures and documentation that fully comply with applicable regulations, including the Whistleblower Directive and the provisions of the National Law, taking into account the structure of a given company.
  • Implementing a whistleblower protection procedure – We help you effectively implement internal procedures for whistleblower protection, covering all the necessary steps to make your organization fully compliant with legal requirements.
  • Designing the reporting and handling process – We will design the process for reporting, receiving and handling reports of potential violations. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed to ensure efficiency and transparency at every stage of the proceedings.
  • Training – We provide initial and periodic training on whistleblower protection and internal regulations. Our training programs are tailored to the needs of different groups of employees, ensuring comprehensive understanding and compliance with procedures.
  • Oversight of procedures and documentation – We provide oversight of internal procedures and documentation for whistleblower protection to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Internal auditing – We conduct internal audits of operations for compliance with new whistleblowing regulations and the operation of reporting channels. We analyze whistleblower protection systems and recommend corrective actions where necessary.
  • Advisory and whistleblowing support – We offer advice on the establishment of an internal whistleblowing channel and the development of a model whistleblowing register. We help appoint an internal “compliance officer” – a person responsible for receiving, recording and analyzing whistleblowing reports. We provide comprehensive support in clarifying potential violations reported by whistleblowers.

The regulations on the procedure for internal reporting do not specify how to organize the receipt and processing of reports, which allows entrepreneurs to tailor the reporting system to the specifics of their business. Therefore, each implementation is tailored to the unique needs and specifics of the client’s business.

Want to learn more about how we can help your organization implement a whistleblower protection system? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. The law’s short deadline requires businesses to act quickly to implement the required whistleblower procedures.


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