12 July 2023

Protection of confidential information – training for Allflex Polska

The issue of information security in the digital world is becoming increasingly important, also in the employer-employee relationship. Recently, Katarzyna Gohling and Anna Muszyńska conducted a training course on the protection of confidential information for Allflex Polska sp. z o.o., part of the international MSD Animal Health group, a leader in animal health identification and monitoring.

The training programme included:

  • the definition of the concept of data confidentiality, as well as the scope of data covered by the confidentiality obligation;
  • a detailed discussion of the concept of ‘business confidentiality;
  • discussion of examples of data that are particularly confidential from a client’s business and operational perspective;
  • the duty of confidentiality in the context of the employment relationship, with a discussion of the legal bases contained in the Act on Combating Unfair Competition, the Labour Code, the Civil Code and the Criminal Code;
  • the relationship of the duty of confidentiality with the RODO;
  • the possible consequences of breaching the duty of confidentiality from the employee’s point of view – during the employment contract, from the employer’s point of view – after the termination or expiry of the employment contract.

This is not the only training we have delivered for our clients in the area of labour law recently – as there have been quite a few changes in the last six months, we have also trained clients on, among other things, working time systems, remote working and the implementation of work-life balance regulations. More about the scope of our support in the area of labour law can be found on this specialisation’s website: