21 December 2021

Taking part in this year’s Christmas aid campaign, our Law Firm has decided to support the TTB Poznań Association, which helps bull terriers – Amstaffs, Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers. These are dogs that, due to their reputation, are often killed or left forgotten in shelters.

During the campaign, we managed to raise funds for which we bought as much as 125 kg of high-quality dry and wet pet food, which was yesterday delivered to the dogs under the care of the Association.

However, our help for these dogs does not end there – we have decided to take virtual care of “Władek”, whose photo is presented in the graphic added to the post. We believe that we can do a lot of good together – not only during this Christmas time.

Currently, the TBB Poznań Association has 22 dogs under its care, which are waiting for adoption. You can find more about them on the Association’s website:

We would like to thank the whole team of the Sobczyńscy i Partnerzy – FSG Prawo Law Firm for their involvement in this action!