24 April 2023


Modernism is inseparably inscribed in the landscape of Poznań’s architecture. Okrąglak and Alfa office buildings are the most famous – but not the only examples of it.

The “House of Books” is also an icon of this architectural trend in Poznań. It is also one of the latest projects by Constructa Plus, a company that has proven in recent years that it is not afraid to take on ambitious subjects.

Looking at this unique building, we are convinced that, thanks to the revitalization, not only the former splendor of the “House of Books” will be restored, but a new chapter in the history of this place will be opened – the soul and its unique character will be rebuilt.

Sobczyńscy i Partnerzy | FSG Prawo is pleased to support Constructa Plus in this project from the legal side. The real estate and construction law team under the supervision of Piotr Pawłowski – partner is responsible for providing legal services for this project. We are happy to add our brick in the process of revitalizing this building, which has been neglected for years, yet remains a distinctive structure, and we wish Constructa Plus success – knowing our client, it will surely be an excellent realization!