20 June 2024

On 19 June 2024, the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita announced the results of the XXII Ranking of Law Firms. Once again, we are celebrating our presence in the top five law firms in Greater Poland and our 58th place nationally. Our team consists of 29 advocates and legal advisors, with a total of 47 lawyers.

 “We are very pleased that for several years we have maintained high positions on the list of Greater Poland law firms appreciated in the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Ranking,” says the firm’s managing partner, attorney Aleksandra Sobczyńska. – “We aim to maintain this status. This year another five people in our team have passed their professional exams and continue their professional development with us. This is the result of a carefully considered and implemented strategy , which allows us to continue to grow stronger as a team. Many thanks to all employees and associates for their daily commitment and building the brand of Sobczyńscy & Partners | FSG Law,” she adds.

“The Poznan legal services market is extremely demanding and is not limited to local clients. The progressive digitization of services means that law firms from Poznań are also successfully competing with networked entities from the capital – both in terms of price and specialization.” – assesses attorney Michał Sobczyński, managing partner of the law firm. – “At Sobczyński & Partners | FSG Law Firm, we place great emphasis on specialization. As a result, we carry out interesting projects that allow our associates to take on interesting professional challenges and strengthen the team,” he concludes.

This year’s edition of the Ranking involved 330 law firms and almost 10,000 lawyers. Detailed ranking statements are available on the dedicated website of the Rzeczpospolita daily.