19 November 2021

Aleksandra Sobczyńska – Managing Partner at the Sobczyńscy i Partnerzy (FSG Prawo) Law Firm received an honourable mention in the list of “Polish female lawyers managing law firms and legal departments in companies” prepared by the portal.

Ola was awarded in the “”Female partners managing law firms” category, which included 42 lawyers managing the largest law firms in Poland.
In connection with this information, we quickly analysed the composition of our Law Firm in terms of numbers and it turns out that 60% of our team, i.e. twenty-seven people, are women, while there are eighteen men in our team, which gives a percentage of 40%. So Women rule!

This is what Ireneusz Walencik, editor-in-chief of the portal writes about the list, “this pioneering undertaking presents female lawyers from Poland who are now or were in the past at the head of law firms and legal departments in companies”.