12 August 2021

Already on 5 September, the Poland Business Run will be held – the largest charity business run in Poland. The event, organised by the Poland Business Run Foundation, has been taking place since 2012 and helps fulfilling dreams of amputees and people with motor disabilities.

Two teams representing our Law Firm, consisting of 10 runners, will take part in the run. Each of the runners has a distance of 4 km to cover.

The starting packages have arrived today and our team composed of: Katarzyna Gohling, Izabela Rybska, Kinga Argalska, Anna Muszyńska, Milena Gapska, Aleksandra Młodożyńska, Piotr Pawłowski, Hubert Kędracki, Łukasz Bonarski, and Mateusz Karliński is already starting to warm up.